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Dentec Safety Specialists, Inc.

The Activity Drink That Keep's
Working Muscles Working


Sqwincher, the Activity Drink, is a great tasting, scientifically formulated electrolyte replacement drink designed to restore important mineral salts and fluids lost through dehydration, physical exertion and heat stress.

  • Adjust work schedule, if possible, to cooler part of day.
  • Monitor workload.
  • Establish scheduled breaks.
  • Train workers to recognize signs & symptoms of heat stress disorders.
  • Acclimate employees to hot environments.
  • Wear light coloured, loose clothing.
  • Use Cooling Apparel.
  • Use adequate fans for ventilation and cooling.
  • Avoid alcohol & caffeine.
  • Diet - Eat a light lunch & educate employees about importance of maintaining a well balanced diet.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration and to replace electrolytes & fluids lost due to perspiration.

Sqwincher Zero & Lite

Contains no sugar, lower calorie solution formulated for diabetics or consumers watching their daily carbohydrate intake. Zero and Lite contain the same levels of sodium and potassium as normal Sqwincher - and it tastes great!

Sqwincher Liquid Concentrate

Our most popular configuration due to the no-stir formula and re-sealable screw caps. Available in:

Standard Formula:

  • 64 oz. - Lemonade (11020), Orange (11021), Fruit Punch (11022), Lemon-Lime (11023),
    Tropical Cooler (11024), Grape (11025) & Mixed Berry (11027).

Zero Formula:

  • 64 oz. - Fruit Punch (11050502-FP), Lemon-Lime (11050504-LL), Orange (11050507-OR).
Package Size Package Yield Case Yield Units Per Case Cases Per Pallet Case Weight
64 oz 5 gal 30 gal 6 60 34 lbs

  • Pour liquid concentrate into an appropriate sized beverage container filled with water, measuring the concentrate based on the appropriate ratio. Example: full 64 oz. yields 5 gallons.
  • No stirring required, ready to serve in individual cups.

Sqwincher Qwik Stik

The Qwik Stik is another packaging innovation from Sqwincher. Simply tear open the pack, pour the powder into a 20 ounce bottled water and shake. Package contains .11 oz powder.

Available in Orange (11060100-OR), Fruit Punch (11060102-FP), Mixed Berry (11060101-MB), and Strawberry Lemonade (11060453-SL) flavours. 500 Qwik Stiks per case. Lite formula only.

Sqwincher Qwik Stik Kwik Pak™ (11QWKP-MF)

The plastic case with snap lock holds 16 Qwik Stiks. Ideal for workers on the go and fits almost anywhere including vending machines. Contains four of each flavour of Qwik Stiks: Orange, Fruit Punch, Mixed Berry, Strawberry Lemonade.

  • Tear package along the dotted line.
  • Pour package powder directly into a 1/2 liter bottle of water.
  • Apply cap, shake bottle well.
  • Remove cap and enjoy!

The Sqweeze (11130)

SIMPLY FREEZE THE "SQWEEZE" and enjoy the refreshing feeling of flavoured ice or refrigerate the SQWEEZE and drink right out of the package. The SQWEEZE is a 3-ounce electrolyte drink. 150 per case, 15 packs of 10 units. Two of each flavour - Cherry, Grape, Orange, Lemon-Lime & Mixed berry.

  • Refrigerate and drink.
  • Open at tear line and drink.
  • Replenishes electrolytes.

  • Freeze and eat.
  • Open at tear line and squeeze frozen content upward.
  • Cools core temperature while replenishing electrolytes.

Sqwincher Fast Pack Liquid Concentrate

The package is your cup for a handy single serving of 6 oz when water is added. Small convenient size may be placed in pockets, first aid kits, Nap-sacks, lunch boxes, etc. Simply tear open at the line, pour water up to line and drink. Available in Lemonade (11080), Orange (11086), Fruit Punch (11081), Lemon-Lime (11082).

Package Size Package Yield Case Yield Units Per Case Cases Per Pallet Case Weight
.6 oz 6 oz 200 200 80 14 lbs
Single Servings (4/boxes of 50)

  • Tear open package along the top dotted line.
  • Add water up to the bottom water indicator.
  • Drink and enjoy!

Create Your Own Serva-Stations

The most cost effective way to administer a Sqwincher® program. Choose from the Wall Mount or Bottle Water bracket. Simply mount the Wall Mount bracket near a cooler or water fountain or place the Bottle Water bracket on a standard bottle water station. Remove a cup, pump Sqwincher® to the line located near bottom of cup, pour water to line located near top of cup and enjoy the taste. No need for ice, cleaning, etc. When the Sqwincher® bottle is empty simply replace it with a new one.




1 (11336), 2 (11337) & 5 (11338) gallon industrial drinking coolers are designed from the inside out to perform as hard as the workers who use them.

  • Rugged & durable.
  • Carrying handles and screw top lid.
  • Easy push button spout, cup dispenser attachment. (2 & 5 gallon).
  • Easy access around plant or construction sites.
  • Sqwincher logo and bright colour helps to easily identify cooler.


Sqwincher Cup Dispensers & Mixing Spoon

  • Plastic Cup Dispenser (11306).
  • Mixing Stirring Paddle (11308).
  • 1oz Spout (11302).

Sqwincher Cups

  • Sqwincher Cups - pre-measured 12 oz. (11304) - 100 cups per tube.
  • 5 oz. (11305) - 100 cups per tube.
  • Solo Cone Cups, 4 oz. (11307) -200 cups per tube.

Sqwincher Freeze Pop Freezer (11902)

Two Squeeze Bottles In One

Push/Pull Lid
prevents spilling


Pour liquid concentrate to line at bottom of bottle as indicated and fill the rest with water. No need for cups, reducing cost.
Pour on Qwik Stik as indicated and fill the rest with water. No need to buy bottle water reducing cost and waste.

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