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NEW Speakman 4330 Heated Eyewash
130M Full Facepiece Respirator
Slice Utility Knife Products
Diskit P100OV
Optimus OCV Dust Cover to fit any Optimus Bowl
Comfort Air Series 300 Thermoplastic Half Mask
KidSafe Earmuffs
First Aid Catalogue (PDF)
HoTTec Hand and Toe Warmers
ThermoHeat Hard Hat Winter Liners
Due North Traction Aids for use and snow
Sqwincher learn to hydrate in cold temperatures
Sqwincher Sports Rehydration Drink
ThermoCool Cooling Apparel
Shield Sunscreens
SkeetSafe Insect Repellents
Optimus - Eye/face/shower wash systems
SE-4400 Gravity Flow Portable Eyewash
BurnFree Burn Relief Products
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Comfort Air Comfort Air - Half Mask and Fullpiece Respirators with complete range of quality cartridges and filters. Comfort Ease Comfort Ease - Disposable Respirators, NIOSH approved micro-filter protection against dust, fumes, micro-organisms & non-oil containing mists.
ERB Safety ERB Safety manufacturers a complete line of head protection products and accessories that are certified to the new CSA Z94.1-15 head protection standard. ERB Head Protection products are head & shoulders above the rest. Sqwincher Sqwincher is a scientifically formulated rehydration sport drink designed to restore important mineral salts and fluids lost through dehydration, physical exertion and heat stress.
Hottec Hottec offers a complete line of Warmers and clothing accessories with compartments that allow you to place the Warmer. Never be left out in the cold again. Hottec products provides protection when working in cold environments. Tasco Tasco manufacturers a complete line of disposable foam earplugs, pre-molded re-useable earplugs, semi-aural earbands, earmuffs and face-shields.
Dentec Safety Specialists Dentec Safety offers eye and face protection products. X3 Clean Alcohol free hand sanitizer products.
Thermo Heat Thermo Heat - cold weather products to protect your head and neck in extreme environments. Thermo Cool Thermo Cool - products for applications where workers are exposed to hot, humid conditions both indoors and outdoors.
Skeetsafe Insect Repellent Elk River fall protection products. Due North Due North Winter Traction Aids - Reduce Lost Time Injuries Caused By Slips & Falls When Working On Ice And Snow.
Shield Sunscreen Protect yourself from the known health hazards associated with exposure to the sun. Skeetsafe Insect Repellent Skeetsafe Insect Repellent - Protect Yourself...
Keystone Keystone offers a complete and comprehensive line of limited use protective clothing using new material technology that outperforms the competition. Speakman Speakman has played a significant role in the safety equipment industry with the introduction of their emergency deluge shower and eyewash units designed for industrial settings.
leader Leader offers a complete line lens cleaning solutions and hygienic wipes. The lens cleaning products feature ANTI-FOG AND ANTI-STATIC properties and DOES NOT CONTAIN SILICONE. A-Med Manufacture of Neutraliser™ single use eye and skin rinse and iPreserve anti-bacterial water preservative.
Slice We know how to cut safely! Protector A complete assortment of first aids kits and medical supplies.

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